Our Vision

South Eddy County – A drug and gang/crime free community,
safe for all our citizens and visitors and with positive futures for our children.

Alison's blog

It's That Time! Annual Community Prayer Gathering Oct. 22nd

Think our community could use some prayer to help prevent drugs? Join with others who agree: Our 8th Annual Community Prayer Gathering is Sat., Oct. 22nd, 7:00 p.m., courthouse lawn. All are welcome. This special time will take less than an hour, and no one will be put on the spot to pray aloud. For more info, contact Alison at 706-4132 or coalition.bryant@gmail.com. Sponsored by the Coalition's Faith-Based Action Group.

For the whole community...

- Come and Join the -
Seventh Annual Community
Prayer Gathering

Saturday, October 23, 2010
7:00 p.m.
Eddy County Courthouse Lawn

It’s a special, brief time of prayer by candlelight to ask God to help us—as a community—to rid
South Eddy County of drugs and
their devastating effects on
our families and friends.

For more information,
call Alison Bryant at 706-4132 or Eve Flanigan, 575-642-4825
e-mail coalition.bryant@gmail.com.

Area Employers Take Time for Prevention

Listening to the community.

That's the most important activity the Coalition does. And when it comes to partnering with employers to encourage safe workplaces, our community has some outstanding organizations willing to share their time and candid thoughts. Periodically, we meet individually with various area employers. The goal is twofold: to learn what challenges and victories employers are experiencing right now, and to imagine how the Coalition can provide more helpful support for workplace substance abuse prevention.

Local Retailers Make Great Community Partners!

For more than a year, several area retailers have had a unique role in reducing access to potential methamphetamine ingredients. Each agreed to display signage that warns suspicious customers that staff are watching and are aware.

THANK YOU to these wonderful community partners: Alan's Auto Supply, Albertson's Pharmacy, Auto Zone, Car Quest, La Tienda Pharmacy, Mc Coy's Building Supply, NAPA Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Supply, Sutherlands, Southwest Pharmacy (founding partner), and Walgreens Pharmacy.

You are appreciated!

Candy or Tobacco?

Does tobacco or nicotine normally look like candy or other harmless products? A new generation of novelty products made by tobacco companies blurs the lines, making it easy for children to mistake them for fun treats. In 2007, almost 7,000 children died due to tobacco poisoning. Check out this online article to find out more and protect children:

Solutions for the Workplace: Calling All Employers!

You are invited to take part in the Coalition's next Safe Workplaces webinar and forum! Our goal is to help area employers make workplaces even safer and more productive for everyone.

Who: Employers, business owners, human resource directors, safety officers, and anyone interested in preventing substance abuse in the workplace
What: We will view a webinar produced by a national substance abuse prevention organization. It will discuss basics of safe workplaces as well as ideas for workplace tools. Panelists are experts in workplace substance abuse prevention.

Operation Graduation

From the Carlsbad Municipal Schools' website. Go to http://carlsbadgs.eventbrite.com/ to register.

The Carlsbad Municipal School District is asking the community to partner with us in a Carlsbad Graduation Summit on May 8, 2010. The purpose of the Summit is threefold: 1) to call attention to the dropout problem in Carlsbad, 2) to collaboratively arrive at solutions that will impact the lives of current and future Carlsbad youth, and 3) to engage students, parents and community leaders in a conversation and action agenda.